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An unknown representative of the Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts (OSRIAC) expresses regret that Ravenhill will not be able to travel to the Okanagan to visit Inkameep. S/he informs her that the OSRIAC was formed to…

Walsh mentions the artistic progress of a former student named Johnny, whose work is being sold and solicited. He suggests a couple changes to “The Tale of the Nativity” and asks Ravenhill if she can get Major Bullock-Webster to arrange for moving…

A review of "The Tale of the Nativity," a story written by the Aboriginal children under Anthony Walsh's tutelage at the Inkameep Indian Day School in Oliver, B.C. and illustrated by Francis Baptise (Sis-hu-lk) that appeared in the "The School"

Articles describing: 1) The students from the Inkameep Indian Day School, the Can-Oos-Sez Skay-Loo Players, won the Oskenonton Cup for 1940. 2) Paintings by Francis Baptise were displayed at the third annual Rotary Fair in Penticton. 3) Anthony…
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