Unknown to Alice Ravenhill (May.4, 1941)


Unknown to Alice Ravenhill (May.4, 1941)


An unknown representative of the Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts (OSRIAC) expresses regret that Ravenhill will not be able to travel to the Okanagan to visit Inkameep. S/he informs her that the OSRIAC was formed to collaborate with the British Columbia Indian Arts and Crafts Welfare Society (BCIACWS), not to supersede it. The writer expresses regret that the BCIACWS will not continue to support the artistic development of Francis Batiste (Sis-hu-lk). Finally, s/he mentions fundraising efforts to send pupils from Inkameep on a trip to Victoria.


Alice Ravenhill


Royal BC Museum, BC Archives (F/1/R19)


May.4, 1941


Oliver, B.C.
May 4th, 1941

Miss Alice Ravenhill,
Windermere Hotel,
Victoria, B.C.

Dear Miss Ravenhill,

In reply to your letter of the 30th, July, we are extremely sorry to hear that it will be impossible for you to visit the Okanagan and give us the benefit of your criticism and advice.

I think it best to emphasize that when the Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts was formed, it was not intended that it should supersede the Victoria society which you represent, but rather that it should collaborate with you in every possible direction. It was felt that a Society on the sport [sic] could materially assist Mr. Walsh in his efforts, further, that individuals members of the Society would undertake studies of various branches of handcrafts and art, and do the necessary research work which is so essential.

Regarding Sis-hu-ulk’s business, we are very sorry to hear that you feel you cannot carry on working on his behalf, because, living as you do in Victoria, you are in constant touch with people interested, whereas we in the valley, are remote from the main centre. We therefore hope that you and your associates will continue your interest in this young artist and his future, and we will do our best to assist from this end. We are delighted to learn that Sis-hu-lk’s pictures have been so well received. We should be interested to hear more about the method of framing you recommend. Regarding the children and their proposed visit to Victoria, we have done all we can at this end and have raised sufficient funds to pay their fares as suggested, and something towards their other expenses.

[End of fragment]




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