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Anthony Walsh writes that he has attached pictures of artwork by Sis-hu-lk (Frances Baptiste) to this letter that he asks Alice Ravenhill to send on to the Vancouver Art Gallery once she has looked at them. He mentions a Swiss tapestry artist, Miss…

Further clippings relating to the publication and successful reception of "Meet Mr. Coyote," a series of ten legends belonging to the Thompson Tribe that was illustrated by Noel Stewart's students at St. George's Indian Residential School at Lytton,…

A review of "The Tale of the Nativity," a story written by the Aboriginal children under Anthony Walsh's tutelage at the Inkameep Indian Day School in Oliver, B.C. and illustrated by Francis Baptise (Sis-hu-lk) that appeared in the "The School"

A scrapbook that contains a variety of news clippings, photographs, and drawings that demonstrate the social impact that the British Columbia Indian Arts and Crafts Welfare Society (previously known as the Society for the Furtherance of BC Indian…
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