Anthony Walsh to Alice Ravenhill (April 20, 1941)


Anthony Walsh to Alice Ravenhill (April 20, 1941)


Anthony Walsh writes that he has attached pictures of artwork by Sis-hu-lk (Frances Baptiste) to this letter that he asks Alice Ravenhill to send on to the Vancouver Art Gallery once she has looked at them. He mentions a Swiss tapestry artist, Miss Kranstoever, who has visited the Inkameep school and produced a study of the Okanagan Indians and urges Ravenhill to invite this artist to exhibit her work at the Gallery. Walsh also refers to "the Indian Committee" [the Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts], which he says is taking shape, and to "our coming play" ["An Indian Nativity Play"] which was performed the following Friday.


Anthony Walsh


Royal BC Museum, BC Archives (F/I/R19)


April 20, 1941


Inkameep Indian School
Oliver, B.C.

April 20th, 1941

Dear Miss Ravenhill:

I am sending you off the pictures you asked for. When you have finished with them could you send them on to the Art Gallery at Vancouver. I am enclosing one of Sis-hu-lk’s buckskin pictures, to let them see his other type of work. During the week I was away I visited with Mrs. KRANSTOEVER, a Swiss artist, who does beautiful tapestry work. I was thrilled by her beautiful studies of our Okanagan Indians. I can still see them so clearly in my mind. It was one of the happiest afternoons that I have spent for a long time, to know that such a fine artist was interested in our Indians. I think it would be good policy to write the Art Gallery about her, as she should be asked to exhibit. You might possibly like to see her work before it goes to the Gallery.

The Indian Committee here is starting to take shape, and I hope that it will grow and expand and do great work. Just now my mind is full of thoughts about our coming play, to be performed at the local Drama Festival to be held next Friday.

In haste,
Yours sincerely,
Anthony Walsh





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