Noel Stewart to Alice Ravenhill (Dec.29, 1940)


Noel Stewart to Alice Ravenhill (Dec.29, 1940)


Noel Stewart's efforts to promote and publish his student's visual and written at St. George's Indian Residential School.


Noel Stewart writing to Alice Ravenhill to update her further on more efforts he has taken to publish his student's written and visual artwork in venues like the Family Herald and Vancouver Province. He wonders briefly how he would react were his and his students' roles reversed and he as a student at St. George's instead of a teacher.


Noel Stewart


Royal BC Museum, BC Archives (F/I/R19)


Dec.29, 1940


St. George’s School
Lytton, B.C.

Dear Miss Ravenhill: -

I have received your letter of Dec.27. I now mail off to you our wooden gift. Please note how our lovely choice bird and coyote family sing. The boys are doing a lot of the Animal scenes on wood. I’ll try and get the dates for your friends but I haven’t kept them and may not can secure them all. Last week’s Family Herald had 3 small drawings (our first drawings last Sept.) in print. However, I enclose this for you, so you can [page break] return it with the others. I am happy to hear your Committee will meet next week. Best wishes! Be sure and remember we Indian workers will be anxious to hear of your new resolution for our Indian Schools. It will be an interesting time. I am glad Mr. Walsh will be there. Apparently the Vanc. Province took our story of the See-see-uks’ visit to Lytton. It didn’t return to us so later you’ll get a copy. Best luck for 1941!! Thanks a great deal. Excuse the rush now. Clearing day and no end of work for myself. By the way, I am [page break] writing up our School [Farm?] etc. for Family Herald so have no end of writing on hand. Next week I holiday and my Sr. Boys are to work on farm while I am away and aren’t they grumbling before to me. They all think they possess me and when I leave they stop work. But Miss Ravenhill some of this Res. school life is hard on the Kiddies (I think). I often wonder how we would re-act in their shoes. Well must stop the scribble for now.

Best and good luck.
As ever,
Noel Stewart




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