Noel Stewart to Alice Ravenhill (Jan.7, 1941)


Noel Stewart to Alice Ravenhill (Jan.7, 1941)


Noel Stewart replies affirmatively to Alice Ravenhill's request for him to send the BCIACWS a copy of the booklet of Indian legends he and his students at St. George's prepared and illustrated. He assures her that they are not expecting payment for their work and thanks her for her efforts in helping to facilitate the creativity of his students.


Noel Stewart


Royal BC Museum, BC Archives (F/I/R19)


Jan.7, 1941


St. George’s Sch.
Lytton. B.C.
Jan 7. 1941

My dear Miss Ravenhill: -

It is indeed kind of you to give me your very sincere interest and thoughts: I am pleased your meeting went over successfully. I was in Vancouver and Capt. Barry said your “Drawing Plates” were perfectly gorgeous. He thinks they are really too good for us in the Indian Schools (to even handle). My I feel happy you took on this immense piece of work. It is something probably no one else could or would have done.

Now re: our Stories. They are back from U.S.A with a number of [page break] suggestions. First they desire certain stories removed. They also want the book divided into 2 parts (books). This idea I believe is good.

Thirdly – they do not like such stories as the yearly bathing (purification ceremony of those who had been ill.) Well this was a true enough custom. Even our old Indians today still believe in a yearly washing of sin. They also desire other evidence of which I regard are ridiculous.

So to make things short – I’ll make several changes then send them off to you, and if you feel you could do anything with them, we would be most happy. However, they many [page break] not be what you want. First they are written for children and as I make my characters actually live, it may reduce the legend point of view. However, public libraries tell me there’s a very open field for children’s work from the legend type of work.

Neither my artists or my self would desire any payment for the work, if reproduced. After all as forerunners we must give much. I believe Barry’s remark Re: Indian children’s work not being sold is to [many rot]. They sell their work right along in the Residential Schools.

So in about 2 more [page break] weeks you’ll receive our stories. I think I’ll have them ready for you to see them. Thanks a lot again for your many kindnesses. You certainly are a guiding star to us Indian workers. Best luck. You’ll hear from me in about 2 more weeks.

Best luck in 1941!

Noel Stewart




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