A.O.M. Curry to Alice Ravenhill (Feb.11, 1941)


A.O.M. Curry to Alice Ravenhill (Feb.11, 1941)


The Director of the National Gallery in Ottawa mentions to Alice Ravenhill the possibility of the gallery hosting a "small exhibition of work by Indian artists," including the work of Sis-hu-lk, a student at Inkameep Indian Day School.


A.O.M Curry


Royal BC Museum, BC Archives (F/I/R19)


Feb.11, 1941



February 11, 1941

Dear Miss Ravenhill:-

I am greatly obliged by your letter of February 5th and interested to hear more of the young Indian artist Sis-hu-lk. Mr. Arthur Lismer, when he was here, was quite enthusiastic about this young man and submitted his drawings to me. As Mr. Lismer is not now at the National Gallery I gave instructions a few days ago that the drawings should be returned to the artist at the Inkameep Reserve, Oliver, B.C. I hope this was the correct procedure; when Mr. Lismer left he gave no definite instructions regarding them.

I should be glad to help Sis-hu-lk in any way within my power but, as you have already noted, it is contrary to the rules of the Gallery to allow contemporary artists, Canadian or otherwise, to have a one-man show in the National Gallery. You will appreciate the reasons for this I am sure.

It might be possible to arrange a small exhibition of work by Indian artists in which this young man’s drawings could be included. If this is done I would prefer, of course, that the selections be not confined to the work produced at any particular school. I am in touch with the Department of Indian Affairs and if it is possible to arrange such a collection satisfactorily I will recommend it to the board of Trustees.

Many thanks for your kindness in sending me a copy of your report.

Yours faithfully,

[A.O.M. Curry?]




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