This website is a digital collection dedicated to promoting the work and life-stories of those who have resisted the oppression of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Its title, inspired by Armand Garnet Ruffo's poem, "Birth of the Sacred," is intended to convey the idea that stories are never just words; they are ways of understanding how we relate to ourselves, other people, and the world around us. To read more, please visit the About page.

Recently Added Items

Alice Ravenhill to John Laurie (Sept.15, 1941)


A useful overview of the goals of the British Columbia Indian Arts and Crafts Welfare Society (BCIACWS) and how it came to be. Ravenhill responds to…

John Laurie to Alice Ravenhill (Sept.11, 1941)


Laurie, a high school teacher in Alberta, writes to Ravenhill requesting information on how to start up a society similar to the British Columbia…

Noel Stewart to Alice Ravenhill (Sept.4, 1941)


Stewart writes to inform Ravenhill that as acting Principal of St. George’s Indian Residential School, he has just received a visit from several…

Unknown to Alice Ravenhill (May.4, 1941)


An unknown representative of the Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts (OSRIAC) expresses regret that Ravenhill will not be able…

Noel Stewart to Alice Ravenhill (July 26, 1941)


Stewart, in reply to Ravenhill’s previous inquiry as to providing artwork from his pupils for an art show in Victoria, indicates that all their art is…